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Pregnancy multi-vitamin (eg; Elevit or Blackmores) which include Folic acid 0.5mg that should be started 2-3 months pre-pregnancy and continued until week 12, this prevents neural tube defects.
Almost all forms of exercise are safe, not the Extreme exercise!
This usually is self-limiting and resolves by 13-14 weeks, but can be distressing. Milder cases are often successfully treated with diet and a supplement which contains Vitamin B6 and Ginger. Medication is safe but may carry some unfounded concern because of very questionable pregnancy safety classification systems.
The most important is the flu vaccination. It is highly advisable for ALL pregnant women or anyone contemplating pregnancy to be seasonally vaccinated against the flu.Vaccination for Whooping cough is recommended after 28 weeks of each pregnancy
The most accurate way of dating a pregnancy is with ultrasound. Many women like to have an ultrasound at 6-8 weeks gestation before the first visit but this can also be done at the first visit in the rooms. An ultrasound is far more accurate than an estimate of the last period and accurate dating is very important later in the pregnancy, for instance to estimate how far overdue is safe.
There are a number of screening tests for genetic conditions, the most common concern being Down syndrome. These are all outlined in detail in your booking visit at 8 weeks. However it is worthwhile thinking about them beforehand or writing down any questions or concerns you might have. These are the first trimester combined screen (a maternal blood test and an ultrasound) Or maternal blood test only that examines fragments of foetal DNA in the maternal blood. Important things to consider include:

- All screening tests can give you a numerical risk of your baby having the particular condition. There are invasive test (a CVS or amniocentesis) that can be recommended to a certain cases. Everyone feels differently about invasive tests (which carry a small risk of miscarriage) and termination of pregnancy (if the invasive test comes back positive).

- There will be an out-of-pocket expense. Generally the newer foetal DNA blood tests are the most accurate but also the most expensive.

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