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Dr Faris| Enquiry
Dr. Faris has a full-time staff assistance, Grace who is always happy to hear your enquiries.
We encourage you to contact the practice directly with your questions. Grace welcomes all your administrative, booking and billing enquires. Initial contact can be by phone or email.
Pregnancy care usually begins with First Booking visit with Faris including a dating scan at 10 weeks. Some high-risk patients may need to be seen prior to this time (If you are not sure please call the practice and ask. Review appointments generally occurs 4 weekly until 28 weeks when the frequency of visits increases until they are weekly at the end of pregnancy. All pregnancy care is individualised so that extra time or appointments occur when specific issues or complications arise.
Dr. Faris provides 24 hours 7 days a week obstetric care.Can have help of a collaborative group of 2 like minded obstetricians.
Fee structures and out-of-pocket expenses in private care can be very difficult to understand. Please call my Room and Grace will help you.

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